Uptime Monitor

preview We notify you when your homepage goes down and it is not available for users to let you take immediate action. Don't risk having the site inaccessible for your audience without knowing it!

Why should you absolutely monitor your site?

When your site is unreachable and receives a visit from Google, your domain may be penalized or even deindexed in the most serious cases, discovering it a few days or even weeks after it happened!


Loss of Visitors and Revenue

Even if we don't want to worry about it, the reality is that an unmonitored site will surely suffer periods of inaccessibility (more or less frequent) and you will not be aware of it.

In these moments, your visitors will not see your pages and therefore you will suffer a real loss of revenue.

What are the causes?

The reasons why a site suddenly becomes inaccessible are different, but the most common are:

What to do in these cases

In these emergency situations you have to take action immediately and it is precisely for this reason that with this tool, you will instantly receive an e-mail.

Instead, without monitoring your site, you might notice several hours or even days after it happened, suffering one serious loss to your business and a possible Google penalty that would be difficult to remove.


Site monitoring is reserved for users with an active subscription to GetSEOfix.com.


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