SEO analysis of your site(professional and complete)

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  • I'll find the SEO mistakes that damage your website on Google.
  • I will represent the current situation of the site (pros and cons).
  • I'll show you the SEO errors of your site and what you need to change.
  • I will send you a professional "handmade" report in PDF.

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What is the current SEO situation of your website?

If you're not sure about what the starting situation is, how can you define objectives for your site? That's why it's essential to immediately know what the current situation of your site is before you do any SEO intervention.

But what exactly is a professional SEO report?

Why a "handmade" SEO report?

Although there are dozens of automatic tools for SEO website analysis, unfortunately these automatic services do not allow you to discover the real problems because the experience of people who do this work on a daily basis is needed.

Here are the limits of the various auto-analysis services:

What does the full SEO report contain for your site?

I will check that your site has everything you need to be successfully positioned on search engines and for every problematic SEO aspect, I will provide specific actionable recommendations to implement. The result of all this work is a SEO report created specifically il tuo sito, with problems and solutions.

check websiteDomain

I check the performance of your domain, considering several aspects.

  • Loading speed
  • Duplicate content control
  • Blacklist presence
  • ... other tests


I check the structure of the site to find the issues.

  • Sitemap
  • Broken links
  • Accessibility for Google
  • ... other tests

linksParole chiave

I discover the most useful and interesting keywords for the site.

  • Current rankings
  • New keyword opportunities
  • Test keyword difficulty
  • ... other tests

verifica sitoBacklinks

I analyze the incoming links to study the current situation.

  • Backlink profile
  • Anchor text
  • Penalty verification
  • ... other tests

ricerca dominiConcorrenti

I check the competitors to find opportunities for improvement.

  • Search 3 competitors
  • Comparison table
  • Backlink and keyword analysis
  • ... other tests

linksAction plan

I'll give you a practical action plan with what you need to do.

  • Summary of operations
  • Tips for the next steps
  • Overview of interventions
  • ...other suggestions

What can you do with SEO report??

Once you have read your website SEO report, you will have a picture of the current situation of your site, with all the strengths and errors to be fixed. You'll know exactly what steps are needed to improve Google rankings and you'll have three options:


It often happens that for some websites, the interventions to be done are so easy (but extremely effective) that you could do them in complete autonomy without necessarily being an expert and avoiding to hire a specialist, with additional costs.p>


For some technical interventions, you can simply deliver the SEO report to the guy who made the site, and thanks to the indications contained in the document, the intervention will be really quick and cheap.


If your site is in a competitive niche and the interventions to be done are particularly complex, you can use this report as a concrete starting point to organize an extended SEO intervention over time with the help of an SEO specialist.

How much is this handmade service worth?

chart SEOWhat would happen if your website suddenly went up on Google by one position or reach the first page for the most relevant searches in your niche? Your income would probably increase by $100, $1000, or even $10,000 per month.

How much would you invest to get the right SEO tips in order to try to achieve this result?

This SEO report in PDF form will be personally written by Federico Magni after a careful analysis of the different SEO factors specifically for your site. You will receive this report within 7 days at an affordable price, considering that the work will be done manually.



  • Basic SEO Analysis (PDF) i
  • Domain analytics, usability, and content
  • Technical site analysis
  • Backlinks and keywords analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Action plan
  • BUSINESS access on GetSEOfix

Delivery within 7 business days.



  • Medium SEO Analysis (PDF) i
  • Domain analytics, usability, and content
  • Technical site analysis
  • Backlinks and keywords analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Action plan
  • 3 months of BUSINESS access on GetSEOfix

Delivery within 7 business days.



  • Full SEO analysis (PDF) i
  • Domain analytics, usability, and content
  • Technical site analysis
  • Backlinks and keywords analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Action plan
  • 6 months of BUSINESS access on GetSEOfix

Delivery within 7 business days.



If I can't even find an intervention to suggest because your website is already optimal, then I will refund you 100% of the payment with my congratulations. I want to have only satisfied customers because that's the purpose of my work.

Customer FAQs

What are the accepted payment methods?

Payment can be made by wire transfer, PayPal or credit card. Your payment information are entered into our server, but directly with the intermediaries.

Who is Federico Magni and why should I trust him?

Federico Magni has been Senior SEO Specialist for over 10 years with about 100 sites positioned on Google. He is now the founder of the SEO platform GetSEOfix. He works with small and large companies like Google, Kelkoo, Amazon, and eBay on a daily basis to monetize his network's traffic by providing quality sales and leads. You can read his e-book about SEO directly on Amazon and his SEO video course on Udemy. All references are this page.

When and how is my website SEO report delivered?

Within 7 business days of payment, you will receive an email containing the report in digital format. If you purchased the conversation service on Skype, you'll also find references in the message to make an appointment.

Will I get guarantees about getting better rankings on Google with this SEO report?

The term "guarantee" is not part of my vocabulary because in the SEO world there are no certainties, even with a millionaire budget. Personally and honestly, I advise you to be suspicious of SEO specialists that offer these kinds of promises, because even the most experienced American SEOs are of the same opinion. The guarantee I offer you is to do my best by analyzing your site according to my ten years of experience in SEO, and I will suggest the interventions that I would make if the site was mine, with the maximum transparency and professionalism I can offer you.

Do you have another question?

If you don't know something and you have a specific question, send me an email directly to