Site Analysis And Optimization

Site Analysis

At this point, we can finally talk about the topic of optimization to improve the condition of the site, but without focusing on hundreds of technical aspects.

One of the successful people I admire is Perry Marshall (the US guru of Google AdWords). In his book entitled "80/20 Sales and Marketing", he clarified with various examples that, in marketing, it is essential to try to work on 20% of the variables, which generate 80% of the results.

This concept, called the Pareto principle, is useful for us to focus only on those aspects that significantly affect the results and it is applicable, in addition to SEM, also to SEO and business as well.

In this chapter, after a discussion on the subject of user engagement, you will see how to analyze the situation of your site and study your competitors.

We will then move on to improve the page speed, continuing with in-depth information on Googlebot, by analyzing crawl budget and log analysis.

We will finish by discovering what position 0 and the sitelink are, as well as what Google operators are the most useful for doing particular research and analysis.

Lessons in this section

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