SEO Copywriting for Persuasive Content and Optimized Articles

It will seem obvious, but not all content on a site is of the same type, because they respond to different purposes. Each page must have a purpose, which can vary from sharing on the Social Network, to signing up for a newsletter, up to filling out a quote request, and so on.

From this point of view, just waiting or hoping will not be enough in order to convince the user to do one of these actions, just because our website looks nice. We will clearly need to do some very specific interventions aiming to persuade the user to do even one of these actions.

In addition to the webpage's layout and all the marketing concepts that make up its conversion optimization, we can create a text that is engaging and forces the user to do a precise action.

On a psychological level, when I address this issue, I apply some principles, taken from the book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini, which can be summarized as follows:

These are just a few examples to apply to your website, but creativity is boundless and you can think of other ways to help you write more persuasive and conversion-oriented texts.

7.3 Title: The Basic Fundamentals

It is not difficult to understand that in Google's search results, the public's attention immediately goes to the title of each result and it is precisely for this reason that we should ensure that we distinguish ourselves from all our competitors in order to attract the greatest number of visitors.

If your article is wonderful, but the title is cold or mediocre, you will not succeed, so take a few minutes to think about a good title.

An effective title headline that attracts attention:

For tricks lovers and in order to increase CTR, the title should include:

I realize that it is not simple, but I suggest referring to newspapers, magazines or directly to other competitors in the Search Engine Results' Pages in order to find interesting ideas to use in your own title.

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