KPI Monitoring and Measuring Results


We have already talked about ROI (return on investment) if you remember, but in this section, we will analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs), which stands for the metrics identifying those objectives that allow us to measure the success of an SEO campaign.

How do you know if all your work so far has been effective or not? Not everything is reduced to the "position" in the search results, because, having to deal with an entire business, with investments and revenues included, we need to have an overview and a structured way of thinking.

There are various KPIs available and each SEO professional has own preferences, but me, personally, I stick to the number of visits, ranking position, number of conversions and bounce rate.

I often get requests from potential customers like "I want to double the traffic on my website" or "I want to get ranked at the top position". There is nothing wrong with having these desires, but it actually means something else, in reality. Now let me explain better.

I hate those who do my job incorrectly, making unrealistic promises and playing on the edge of misunderstanding with the client. I believe in the law of karma, so doing harm to someone today, besides being an ethical issue, will certainly bring some problems in the future.

On the other hand, working with transparency, in addition to making me sleep peacefully, it also allows me to be proud of my each success, to be aware of the failure risks and it gives me the strength to always go ahead.

Precisely for this reason, I prefer to refuse a job rather than accept it, given that in a sector as complex as SEO, there are very few certainties, especially after RankBrain.

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