Forums for Link Building: How to Get Backlinks from Forums

Nowadays there are Facebook groups and many other social solutions, but forums continue to exist, although they might not have all the interest and traffic that they had only a few years ago.

The great advantage of a forum is being a website focused on a very specific topic and, consequently, having a backlink from these pages can be very relevant for your article.

But how do you get links from forums?

First, you need to do a research in order to find the right forum for your industry. This opens up a rich scenario in terms of opportunities. If you deal with asbestos disposal, obviously it will be difficult to find a forum dedicated to this topic, especially in the European market, but you could take advantage of specific sections of a forum about Building Constructions.

After finding one or more forums, you will need to read their rules in order to know two fundamental things: the possibility to insert a signature and the possibility of inserting links within the posts.

The first one refers to the footer which appears at the bottom of your every intervention, and which you can customize by entering any text or a link. The signature is subjected to the forum's rules and there may be some limitations depending on the number of written replies or other regulations.

Remember that the signature appears in all your interventions and will always be the same, with a "sitewide" effect, that is omnipresent on various pages. In my opinion, it is not a good move on the SEO side, and in fact I prefer the second option, which we're about to see now.

Replying to someone or directly opening a discussion on the topic treated by your website is a great way to be relevant. Some forums allow you to insert links (not self-promotional) in the text, with a custom anchor text and even with a dofollow attribute, thus providing an even greater SEO advantage.

Basically, this is a very effective and simple method, but you might encounter some difficulties in finding the right forum for your niche, with rules compatible with this practice.

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