Web Directories for Link Building: Does it Still Make Sense?

Looking back at 2007, it seemed that most of the SEO activities were reduced to submitting websites to the so-called web directories. There were real services offered by freelancers, such like "Submit website to 50 directories in 24 hours", or similar.

A web directory is a portal organized into a large number of categories, where the article or the content is actually made of other websites' reviews.

The idea of these portals was to offer the visitor a list of websites that dealt with the same topic. It was really useful at the beginning of the Internet, when search engines were not so commonly used.

Things have changed a little bit today, but let's see exactly what has happened!

Many of these websites, unfortunately, have been targeted by spammers with thousands of requests for automatic insertion and webmasters have had a hard time discriminating legitimate websites from low quality ones.

Precisely for this reason, you can see long queues, with waiting times that can even reach 30-60 days. This data discourages those who want to submit their website, so they can easily decide to go elsewhere.

On the other hand, web directories, famous in the past, have turned into a bunch of spam websites, expired or for adults. By deciding to add your website to these portals, you should especially consider the link neighborhood issue.

But then, does it make sense to use directories?

If we think about a new website without backlinks, which needs link diversity, then I would say yes. If, instead, we talk about a website already affirmed in competitive ranking positions, then I would advise against adding such links, unless a careful research is done in order to find true, good quality web directories.

In my opinion, there are still some directories that are worth the wait, but they are actually very few and often, they get closed.

Precisely for this reason, I have created a list of these free portals and whose list I keep updated on https://www.getseofix.com/directory-list


Figure 9.2 - Web Directories' List updated on GetSEOfix.com

If you have never submitted your website to web directories, try to do it on 20-50 directories at the most, and use different titles and descriptions in order to be original.

You will have to choose the most suitable category for your website's theme, by looking for the most famous competitors, who are already listed in the catalog.

Don't be afraid if waiting times ranges between 30 or 60 days, because in SEO you need to be patient and getting 30 links in two days on a new website, could even be harmful.

ritratto profilo Federico Magni

Federico Magni has been a Senior SEO Specialist for about 10 years with 100 sites ranked on Google and today he is the founder of the All in one SEO platform GetSEOfix.com.

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