Editorial Plan and Content Marketing: What to Write?

It should be crystal clear that the articles you will publish on the website should not be a mass of keywords, as it happened up to 5 years ago. Today, the articles must provide real help for the user and offer an excellent user experience, especially in a post-RankBrain period.

After this fundamental premise, you should know that content marketing is perfectly interlinked with SEO. Instead of improvising with each article, the use of an editorial plan is the best possible choice, in order to be able to constantly publish excellent quality content.

If you decide to organize your content marketing by a real, scheduled calendar, you will have a series of important advantages:

● Complete, In Depth Analysis: you won't risk to forget covering any topic because you've already prepared the planning and put everything on the table, right from the beginning.

● ROI Evaluation: writing down costs, time, or money that must be paid to someone would be advisable, in order to understand right upfront how much content will have to be produced, and to avoid investing too much compared to the expected result.

● Deadlines' Overview: in addition to content titles, your calendar should also identify publication dates in order to know exactly what is published and when. You will be able to plan any expansions or other marketing activities, knowing perfectly when you should do it.

In terms of marketing, you will need to create content for each user phase (customer journey):

But why all these differences? Do they make any sense?

If you have only inspirational articles on your website, but you don't provide neither guides nor comparison tables, probably the user won't know that you're offering a service.

On the other hand, if you only push on the comparisons, through Google you will never attract all the audience that doesn't yet know about the existence of a product to solve their problem.

For example, if you created a beautiful comparison between electronic invoicing softwares, you would have very little traffic interested in finding the differences between products and immediately ready to purchase. If in addition to the comparative tables, you include articles with legislative in-depth information on the fact that electronic invoicing is mandatory (awareness phase) and guides on how it works (research phase), you would certainly have more visitors, which could be progressively converted into customers.

Here are the steps that I generally follow for the construction and implementation of a good editorial plan:

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