What is the ideal length of a SEO-friendly Article?

I often read articles about SEO with phrases like "you must write at least 1000 words". This indication certainly has a shareable basis, but it can be a bit misleading.

As you might imagine, one of the most frequent questions I receive is: how long should an article be?

The answer? Well, there is no predefined number and there is a specific reason!

If I had, for example, a website where I show the weather forecasts of the various American cities day by day, would it make sense to write 1000 words, for a reader who is simply looking to know "what's the weather like tomorrow in New York"? Obviously, this person wants to know only if it will be "sunny", the temperature and a couple of other things, but he certainly has neither the desire nor the time to read 1000 words of text.

Just think of Google's "Featured Snippets" which, as in the case of weather forecasts, show only those relevant data, without frills, directly in the search results' page.

This does not mean, however, that writing in-depth articles is useless! On the contrary... Everything depends on the specific case!

If we are writing a guide on a certain topic, obviously the user will need to read a lot of information and Google will reward the good quality content that will be particularly thorough and useful to the web surfers.

If you intend to write content that aims to be a guide, try to make it as complete as possible. You will probably need 1000, 2000 or even 3000 words to exhaust the topic at a satisfactorily level.

If, instead, it is the answer to a simple question, probably 300-500 words will be enough.

In short, the length depends on the topic and the search keyword of the specific case.

A more analytical approach shows that generally in the Google.com results, the most common post length in the top positions is around 2000 words ⁽¹²⁾ , but this does not mean that this is also ideal for your project and above all, it definitely does not mean that this was the primary factor that has led Big G to rank those sites so high.

I'm sure that whoever has a blog with many articles of about 2000 words has made a considerable investment in content marketing and has done many other SEO actions that will add up to the word count.

Among my projects, I also have recent sites, that with a few 150 words articles, generate good traffic volumes and with excellent conversion rates.


Figure 7.1 - Traffic of a website containing 150 words articles.

In conclusion, the length of the article certainly affects the algorithm in some way, but in addition to the fact that it must be contextualized on the specific research, remember that the SEO factors are as many as 200.

In order to know the length of a content in real time, you can use directly the internal OpenOffice Writer functionality from the "Tools > Word Count" menu or using the appropriate tool on https://www.getseofix.com/tools


Figure 7.2 - Word count tool on GetSEOfix.com

ritratto profilo Federico Magni

Federico Magni has been a Senior SEO Specialist for about 10 years with 100 sites ranked on Google and today he is the founder of the All in one SEO platform GetSEOfix.com.

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