Free SEO Course 2020

In this free SEO course for 2020, you'll learn lesson by lesson about all the most important SEO procedures to obtain a better ranking of your site on search engines like Google.

By searching for free SEO courses online, you have found this free offer. You will already know that remote SEO training has the great advantage of avoiding going physically to the classroom to attend lessons or take exams.

The teaching material has been created on the basis of the best personal experiences of the coach Federico Magni in the last 10 years of his career in the SEO field.

Who is this SEO course addressed to?

The only way to become an SEO expert is to follow a training course designed for you that allows you to acquire the necessary skills that will allow you to become a professional SEO.

Course duration

As you can see from the reviews of those who have already completed this training, the main advantage of this program is that it lets you choose the preferred format, since the content is available in video, text, and even audio.

How much does it cost?

Unlike the catalog of many e-learning platforms, on GetSEOfix, you don't need to pay the price for a ticket, because accessing this training material is unlimited and completely free.

You won't have to waste time comparing the prices of the best online SEO courses, because taking these lessons is totally free.


The course is taught by Federico Magni, Senior SEO Specialist and founder of GetSEOfix, the platform of SEO tools for students and professionals.

Student Reviews

You can read all the opinions, experiences, and individual reviews of those who have subscribed and have already attended the course directly on the pages of the various distribution channels: libraries, podcasts or video platforms.

Participants freely express their positive or negative opinions and, despite not receiving an attendance certificate, they generally find solutions to their doubts through a question-and-answer mechanism contained within the lessons.

Access mode

This basic SEO course, which differs from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is in digital format. Although it does not provide a specific certification of SEO Specialist or the issuance of a diploma, it still has all the elements to offer a complete overview of the SEO world.

Learn from the educational support you prefer, as the level of information is more than enough to give you useful tips for optimizing your website.

ebook GetSEOfixSEO E-BOOK

Federico Magni's official guide to learning the strategies and tips for doing SEO in 2020 successfully.

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The original GetSEOfix podcast to learn the tactics with all the tips for doing SEO in 2020.

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Browse the site's articles to read all posts belonging to the SEO 2020 course for free.


Watch all available SEO 2020 videos on YouTube via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

This course allows you to become more competent in digital marketing, acquiring new skills thanks to SEO Specialist teacher Federico Magni, who will show you how to achieve concrete results thanks to the Search Engine Optimization in terms of business and web marketing.

When you take the lessons, you'll exercise your mind to better understand the world of search engines with the guarantee that you really understand what you need to do to optimize a website and try to scale Google's SERPs.

Course Topics

What do you learn and what are the main objectives?

Here are all the topics of the program that are covered in the chapters of the course, with various in-depth lessons on the most interesting topics of the SEO world to understand what are the best methods to rank a website on Google.

SEO Basic Course: What is it and how to sign up?

You don't need to sign-up as this complete SEO course for optimizing search engine sites takes place directly online with video lessons.

You will find 4 hours of video training that is articulated into 12 modules for an easy study of the subject.

You have access to the technical course directly with video lessons or you can read the book in a pdf version completely free of charge.

Attending this free online course, you'll know the most important SEO factors, what SEO copywriting means, and most importantly, what SEO ranking is in practice.

This educational material is perfect for human resources of web agencies, but also for software developers, Internet enthusiasts, owners of a WordPress Blog, Web designer, or webmasters in general.

In this context, an up-to-date course on SEO strategies and techniques is certainly essential not only for SEO copywriters, but also for managers of small and medium-sized companies.

ritratto profilo Federico Magni

Federico Magni has been a Senior SEO Specialist for about 10 years with 100 sites ranked on Google and today he is the founder of the All in one SEO platform

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