Negative SEO

preview Are you a victim of negative SEO? Here is what to do in case of this situation, with practical tools and solutions to restore your rankings on Google.

What are the most common Negative SEO attacks?

There are multiple methods of conducting an attack of negative SEO to penalize a specific competitor, but the most common way is definitely the insertion of backlinks to the site of the victim on domains of low quality, considered spam or with over-optimized anchor text.

You might be the victim of a bad competitor, but many times we should blame ourselves because in the past we did particularly aggressive link building techniques and today we pay the consequences.

What's the solution?

I begin by saying that a universal solution does not exist. It has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and often we can’t get out of it. In many situations, you can definitely try the classic Disavow Tool, a specific section of the Google Search Console.

If you are really sure that this is the cause of your current situation, with the "Disavow Tool" you can send a list of spam domains that contain backlinks to your site.

If you are 100% sure that this is your case, then enter below the list of domains and URLs you want to remove from your backlinks profile in order to download a formatted “disavow file” ready to be sent to Google.

Note: Only one domain or url for each row and no comments

How do I send the file to Google?

Let's look at the steps to send Google the formatted file of bad backlinks.

Login to your Google Search Console account and then select the penalized site.


On the next page, you will need to upload the generated file and then press the "Submit button" to confirm that you want to start the process.


At this point, if all goes well, you should recover your rankings. However, the timing can vary considerably from a few days up to months.

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