Who is Federico Magni?

Ritratto di Federico Magni

I am Federico Magni, Senior SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer for about 10 years, and since 2005, I have always been passionate about Internet Marketing.

Working full time in this area for several years I have developed skills ranging from the creation of WordPress sites to conversion optimization in terms of e-commerce and affiliate marketing, with over 100 sites in the market in different countries: Italy, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Finland, Norway, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Mexico.

SEO Results

Having literally worked on hundreds of websites, each new project is always a challenge and getting a positive result gives me gratification.

grafico traffico SEO One of the projects that gave me the most SEO satisfaction was the fix of a French price comparison.

The performance saw a strong growth in terms of traffic, also in terms of revenue, going from $10,027.24 in June 2018 to $32,908.90 in January 2019.

Considering the competitiveness of this niche, it was an excellent result, considering the constant growth in the following months.

What can I do for your website?

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  • I'll show you the SEO errors of your site.
  • I will represent the current SEO situation and what to fix.
  • I will send you a professional "handmade" PDF report.

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My Clients

From small customers to large companies, for years I have collaborated and provided my services to Apple, TrovaPrezzi, Kelkoo, Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, Google, Awin and other business partners.

The mission of my business is to help entrepreneurs and professionals to create an effective site to get new customers and sales thanks to the internet.

In the last several years, I have been working on SEO, WordPress, and Affiliate Marketing to send quality traffic to my business partners by referring conversions and product sales.p>

› Brands I've worked with:

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with large international brands with performance remuneration based on the results in terms of sales or visibility that I have been able to refer them through my strategies of Digital Marketing.

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SEO Teacher

In 2019, I published a book on SEO, a video course with practical lessons, and I collaborated with some of the most important Italian SEO websites to write SEO guides.


› Books and Videocourses

In addition to the e-book SEO 2020 - The ultimate guide after 10 years of SEO I published a video course with over 50 lessons for SEO training.

libro GetSEOfixSEO E-BOOK

The book to learn strategies and tips for making SEO in 2020 successfully.

videocourse GetSEOfixSEO VIDEOCOURSE

Watch the video course to learn how to do SEO in 2020 with clear and simple lessons.

› GetSEOfix | All-in-one SEO platform

GetSEOfix logoIn 2019, I launched GetSEOfix.com, the All-in-One platform with SEO tools and training guides to increase visitors to your site from Google.

In addition to a section with the SEO 2020 video course, you will also get the e-book and other quick guides to do SEO effectively, following the various case studies and practical advice directly from my experience in the SEO field, between failures and successes.


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