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  • 10 SEO functions for MS Excel
  • Set custom delay time between requests.
  • Save time with 1 click functions
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#1 Extract title tag from a page

Tag title → =htmltit("url“) → gets the tag title of the page.
Example: =htmltit("“) → it shows the tag title value of

#2 Extract meta description from a page

Meta description → =htmldesc("url“) → gets the meta description of the page.
Example: =htmldesc("“) → it shows the meta description value of

#3 Extract meta robots from a page

Meta robots → =htmlrob("url“) → gets the meta robots value of the page.
Example: =htmlrob("“) → it shows the meta robots (index,nofollow) of

#4 Extract HTML elements from a page

Html position → =htmlpos("url";"htmltag";“nth position“) → gets the nth occurence of the specified html tag in the page.
Example: =htmlpos("";"h2";“3“) → it shows the third H2 of the page of
Tags can be: h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,strong,b,ul,li,blockquote,i,span

#5 Extract canonical URL from a page

Canonical → =htmlcan("url“) → gets the rel canonical in the page.
Example: =htmlcan("“) → it shows the canonical link of

#6 Calculate Code to Text ratio of a page

PagetoText ratio → =htmlpageratio("url“) → gets the percentage ratio between html code and text.
Example: =htmlpageratio("“) → it shows 0.37

#7 Count words inside a page

WordCount → =wordcount("url“) → gets the number of words visible by HUMANS in the page (without HTML tags, scripts etc…)
Example: =wordcount("") → 396.

#8 Calculate response time of a page

Resptime → =resptime("url“) → milliseconds to load the page.
Example: =resptime("“) → it shows 396.

#9 Get HTTP Status Code of a page

Httpstatus → =httpstatus("url“) → http status code of the page.
Example: =resptime("“) → it shows 200.

#10 Get IP of a domain

Getip → =getip("url“) → it shows the IP address of the domain.
Example: =getip("“) →

Frequently Asked Questions

> Where can I use this software?

This is an add-in for Microsoft Excel on Windows only. It is compatible with Windows 8 and above running MS Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.

> How do I install this add-in?

Move the file to C/Users/name/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/AddIns.

Then open MS Excel on desktop and go to File > Options > Addins and select the file. Then insert your license code and you will see the tab 'GetSEOfix' on the top right of Excel window.

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