SEO Affiliate Program


Are you ready to promote something revolutionary we have coming up for the SEO market in 2020?

If so, then you could make money through the affiliate program with recurring passive income.

Let's see how it works!


How much can you earn?

As this is a SaaS (Software as as Service) business, you will earn a recurring passive income of 25% commission on referred users forever, month after month, year after year, without limits for the future.

Let's do the math...

If you have the ability to reach an audience interested in SEO tools, you will earn the figures in the following table (depending on the number of referred customers).

Note that you will receive commissions for the duration of the customer's subscription, whether he stays for 6 months or even two years! In short, the more he stays, the more you will earn.

Let's take a real example. Here's a projection of the earnings for users with monthly renewal for 6 months only.

Clients Package Revenue
3 PREMIUM $76,5
10 PREMIUM $255
30 PREMIUM $765
50 PREMIUM $1,275
100 PREMIUM $2,550
300 PREMIUM $7,650
500 PREMIUM $12,750

The program allows you to earn a commission on the sales made, referring customers who purchase a subscription at via to be sure you get paid for every sale you made and obviously, you will be paid on time.

Tracking is done using Clickbank cookies. To obtain the commission, each affiliate must send users to this website through his affiliate link. Otherwise, no commission will be due.

What is this service about?

GetSEOfix is an all-in-one SEO platform with over 35 SEO tools and complete SEO training to get better rankings on Google.

Customers can use all these tools in 1 single place and I name just a few of them below:

Users can start a free trial with many limitations and then they can upgrade to the PREMIUM plan to get less limits to use all the services.

Why should you promote this service?

You just need to send us customers once and that’s it.

You will continue to get paid every month as long as these people’s subscription remain active.

This is a pretty unique all-in-one SEO platform to save people time by offering many useful tools in 1 single place at a very affordable price. If it's all clear, start promoting to make a real recurring profit.

How to start now

Just fill out the form below and you get GetSEOfix premium access for 15 days as long as more details about GetSEOfix launch to make a revolution in the SEO market this December.

I want to receive e-mails about this affiliate program, according to the privacy disclaimer.

Promotional Materials

Promotional banners

You have full license to use the following ads inside your website or on paid advertising campaigns:

336x280 300x250 728x90

You can download all these banners by clicking here

Promotional e-mail swipes

You have full license to use the following e-mail swipes inside your e-mail marketing campaigns:

You can download all these e-mail swipes clicking here

Affiliate Program Conditions

In the case of a customer requesting a refund, the affiliate will also not receive the commission previously awarded. Payments, refunds, and commissions are issued entirely by Clickbank, as the contract is between the affiliate and Clickbank Inc. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to do SPAM practices through, for example (but not exhaustively), emails to contacts without authorization, links in other people's blogs, social networks groups, or other places where link are prohibited. In the event of violations, in the unquestionable judgment of, they will not receive any commission for the work done so far. Every effort will be made to keep the site reachable, but if there are downtimes due to technical problems of server or platform or extraordinary maintenance, any liability or compensation for missed conversions are declined.

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